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Practice Areas


  • Bail Hearings: bail hearings for all offences, bail revocation hearings, bail reviews, bail variations, bail estreatment hearings;

  • Homicide: murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, criminal negligence causing death;

  • Guns and Gang Cases; traffiking, conspiracy, prohibited weapons, organized crime;

  • Fraud: including large-scale frauds, uttering forged documents, breaches of trust, impersonation;

  • Assault: non-domestic assault, aggravated assault, assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm, assaulting a police officer;

  • Domestic Assault: forcible confinement, utter threats, mischief to property;

  • Sexual Offences: sexual assault, sexual exploitation, invitation to sexual touching, sexual interference;

  • Crimes involving Young Persons (Minors);

  • Drinking and Driving Offences: impaired driving, over 80, refuse breath sample, dangerous driving, fail to remain;

  • Property Crimes: theft, shoplifting, possession of stolen property, possession of burglar tools, robbery, mischief under $5,000

  • Harassment: criminal harassment, uttering threats;

  • Administration of Justice Crimes: fail to comply with bail, obstruct police, obstruct justice, perjury, fail to appear;



  • Tort Actions

  • Personal Injury

  • Employment Law 


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